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Phaser is Driving Me Crazy

In my game the player hides as "Props" which are common objects such as a flower pot, bush, etc.

Objects spawning too low

Objects spawning too low Why this is happening I don't know. All of my objects are on a Object layer in TILED, and I don't touch their positioning code. They were all shifted down for some reason. I knew that TILED has an offset feature, and I messed around with it a bit and found that Phaser doesn't implement them.

Solution: this.body.y -= 16; on every object.

Constant Negative Velocity

So when props are on the ground or other props, they sometimes are given a negative X velocity. I'm pretty sure this has to do with having fixedRotation being on. My theory is that the object wants to rotate, so the engine moves it over slightly. However I don't really want my player rotating at all.

So far I haven't figured out any real way to fix this.

This Stupid Sprinkler